UK Government minister launches Impact Data Metrics Report

16th July 2015 – Mapping Innovation Report released.

Today, the UK Minister of State for Universities and Science, Jo Johnson MP,  announced the publication of ‘Mapping Local Comparative Advantage in Innovation’ when he spoke at the University of Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre. The main theme of his speech was the UK Government’s commitment to boost collaboration between business and universities as part of a bold and ambitious plan called One Science Nation.

2Bio’s Impact Data Metrics team, are co-authors of ‘Mapping Local Comparative Advantage in Innovation’ together with partners at the European Institute for Urban Affairs. This research has established a comprehensive framework for innovation indicators, and using our Impact Data Metrics platform, has added new datasets for the UK’s Local Economic Partnerships (LEPs) to build their future innovation strategies upon.

Geoff Wainwright of Impact Data Metrics said, “This was a fascinating piece of work to undertake and we were fortunate enough to work with a great team from the European Institute of Urban Affairs at Liverpool John Moores University, as well as colleagues from UK Departmernt of Business, Innovation & Skills. We analysed hundreds of thousands of data points to build very accurate and comprehensive maps of research, business and innovation activity across LEPs. This data is now finding real practical applications in providing detailed intelligence to support the building of plans for business growth, partnering and inward investment, and identifying key infrastructure requirements to support each LEP in realising their full growth potential. The range, depth and quality of the research activity we discovered was awe inspiring, and whilst we were only able to publish a high-level view of the data, we have continued to review, and keep current, the deep detail in the records for each LEP. We are seeing relationships and opportunities that will provide valuable starting points for analysis and planning. We are describing the knowledge economy of these areas in the same way as consumer activity is tracked.”

For more information on the capability of the Impact Data Metrics Platform, please contact:

Dr Geoff Wainwright
Tel. +44 (0)151 795 4100

For details of the Minister’s speech, please see:

To access the report, please see:

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