Our Services

Business Consultancy

2Bio Ltd performs a wide variety of technical, IP and market analysis for numerous technologies, including pharmaceuticals & biotechnology, medical diagnostics & devices, engineering technologies, catalysts, materials, detectors and software, for application in multiple sectors, ranging from aerospace and security, to medical devices and energy. This service is delivered through the Impact Science Team

Business Incubation

2Bio Ltd provides the team that operates the University of Liverpool’s Incubator, MerseyBIO. The 2Bio team was instrumental in securing the funding, developing the design and has been running the incubator since its opening in 2003. The team has supported over 50 companies to date to grow from ideas to start-up to growth as independent businesses. These companies operate in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, diagnostics, chemistry, materials and other advanced technology areas. At the core of our support processes is a focus upon the success of the business and providing an enabling environment to ensure this is the case. Graduate companies have gone on to be purchased by larger corporates, listing on stock markets and to continue to grow in their own right.

Support for Companies

The 2Bio Ltd team have worked in a variety of businesses ranging from pharma and life sciences, to software and tech businesses, providing support in the form of strategic advice, interim management, market support, due diligence and accountancy services. A key advantage of working with 2Bio is that you are not just working with one person, you will be working with a whole team, and their networks in industry. This provides an unrivaled breadth and depth of capability to draw upon to support the growth and success of your company.

Infrastructure Development and Operations

We have developed a very successful biotech incubation system that is a mix of people and infrastructure, and we leverage this experience to advise clients on design considerations when developing facilities to house multiple early-stage businesses in a single centre. Our primary design ethos is to create environments that stimulate collaboration and networking amongst facility occupiers to create a dynamism and culture that is positive and mutually supportive, helping businesses to achieve their goals. A critical component in this is our understanding of the operational requirements of early-stage companies and the importance of effective interfaces between facility staff and company management, and between the occupiers themselves to create that enabling environment.

Economic Development

2Bio understand the role incubators, science parks and industrial sectors play in driving forward economic growth. Our skills and experience have helped to generate real jobs and financial growth in economies, and we use this as a basis for understanding our client’s needs in the context of their assets. We can rapidly identify local public and private assets and capabilities and place them in to the context of the strategic plans of the client and external market conditions and trajectories. This provides a basis to define a forward looking plan to deliver a sectoral programme for economic growth.

Strategic Review of Research Strengths and Opportunities

In developing a view of technologies and research activities, 2Bio has developed a number of in-house tools that enables the analysis and visualisation of large volumes of data relating to the research activities of institutions, cities or regions. This aids in identifying those research areas that the client is currently recognised for, using independent and publicly available data sources. This type of analysis has enabled our clients to understand and value their existing research output and look for new valuable research opportunities in a more strategic manner.